What if We Reimagined The World?


What if We Reimagined The World?

I had the opportunity to spend the day with my daughter yesterday at an indoor kid’s playground. Two older girls showed my one-year-old their “bedroom” and “dungeon” at the top of the play structure. They also told us, that my daughter could stay in the “guest room” that had a sunrise view.

After that experience, I reflected on how good kids are at using their imaginations and how in reality everything we believe is imagined. Don’t get me wrong, we collectively agree on shared truths and this becomes our reality.

What if we decided to reimagine the world and lead with our hearts instead of our heads? What if we stopped listening to the gurus and they started listening to us and allowed us to blaze our own unique trail. That is empowerment.

That is what I love about coaching. Drawing out the best that people have inside of them already. Moving them out of their own way so that they can blossom, into everything they have ever known they have inside.
CrossFit is one of the tools we use to do this.