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What Makes CrossFit Novato Different?

At CrossFit Novato our mission is to coach you to personal empowerment through health and fitness. We take an individualized approach to your physical fitness based on your introduction, goals, and movement screen. We are all different and we do our best to take this into account to provide the best possible plan for your success. Our guiding values are:

1. Compassion, which means to always do our best to understand and help all people who want to be helped

2. Honesty, which means to have integrity, be trustworthy and authentic

3. Growth, which means to be life long learners and actively seek opportunities for personal and collective development

These values are what make our unique environment and community so special, and make it the perfect place to thrive and grow. 


Michael Atkinson CrossFit Gym Coach Near Me In San Marin

Michael Atkinson

Owner, CFL2, Brand X PYCC, A-CFHC
Emily Atkinson Fitness Trainer At CrossFit Novato In Marin County, CA

Emily Atkinson

Owner, CF-L2, Brand X PYCC, CrossFit Kids

Samantha Thaxton

Coach, Pn1, CF-L1, AL-I Pregnancy and Postpartum

Olivia Drenner

Coach, CF-LV 1, Group Class, Personal Training

Stephen Warren

Coach, CF-LV 1, Group Class

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