Life Changing Results Take Time


Life Changing Results Take Time

The last couple of years has been a lot of learning for me as a coach and business owner. 

One of the things I have reflected on is that results take time. I recently began working with a 14 year old teen who wants to improve strength and confidence. 

 I have worked with another teen for the last year and watched him blossom from a non-athletic teenager who was curious about sports into one of the best freshman football players at a local high school. 

When connecting with the new teen, I confidently was able to say that our work together would take a minimum of 3-6 months. I know this from working with the other teen and from this teens consultation. 

When I was a novice coach I used to low ball how long it would take and try to rush the process because I didn’t think people would want to work with me for so long and/or that I had to show results fast to prove my worth. 

Today I was reflecting on my own 4 year journey going from a juvenile delinquent into the person I am today and I realized it really does take time.

When the new person walks into class, they see Pete S. or Tim M. and how fast they go in the metcon and they want to go that fast too. 

What they don’t see is the years of doing the basics, the hard lessons learned, the setbacks and perseverance that true life changing results really take. 

Keep showing up each day, do the work. Do the right amount, and the right kind. Day in day out, and one day you look back and realize holy sh** I sure have come a long way.