What to Expect At Your Free Intro Session

Congratulations on booking your free intro session!  This is the first step in your journey to improved health and fitness with us at CrossFit Novato. 

We know how hard it can be to actually book the appointment so we commend you on this and look forward to meeting you. 

Here’s what you can expect at our meeting:

  •  We will be discussing your goals/history and coming up with a unique plan for YOU
  • Part of that plan will be determining the number of 1 on 1 onboarding sessions for you to start at CrossFit Novato. 
  • We start everyone off with some 1 on 1 sessions to screen for range of motion and to see the way your body moves so that we can do the best possible job coaching you
  • If we find that we are an absolutely perfect fit for you and what you are looking for, we will ask you to enroll in the plan that makes the most sense for you at your intro session
  • With that in mind, if there is anyone else responsible for making a buying decision around your health please make sure they are present so that we can answer any questions you both may have and provide clarity in why this is the best pathway forward
  • If we find out we aren’t a good fit for you we promise not to let you buy anything and we will go out of our way to find the next best place for you

Before Our Intro Session

  • Take about 10 min to fill out the “CFN New Member Onboarding Form” in your email. Please fill this out at least 24 hours in advance of our meeting
  • We would love to help you hit your goals and look forward to working with you. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via text, email, or phone. 

    In Health,

    The CrossFit Novato Coaching Staff

    Phone: (707) 812-5167

    Text: (707) 316-8792

    Email: [email protected]