stars“I am most pleased with the overall improvement in my fitness, particularly with mobility and strength. Coach Leila taught me exercises that that allowed me to improve in a well-rounded, whole-body way. Left to my own devices, I would have concentrated on a single body part (arms, for example) and neglected other important areas The CFN environment provides a whole range of equipment for both the beginner and the very experienced individual in an open and airy setting. In addition, my observation of the other activities going on during my training sessions made it clear to me that CFN has a staff of very talented coaches who provide both sound advice/direction and positive reinforcement to the individuals whom they are training. This was certainly true to Coach Leila I definitely got more than I bargained for…in a very positive way! I would emphasize again that Coach Leila did amazing work with me. She taught me a great deal about proper conditioning techniques, challenged me constantly to improve (both strength and endurance), all the while paying attention to ensure I wasn’t putting myself at risk of injury. She did all this with a warm, friendly, and encouraging manner.”