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Something worth watching- CRISPR in 90 seconds

Most of us have never heard of CRISPR but some very smart people think it’s going to change everything in terms of human health. CRISPR enables us to edit DNA, so we can take out what we don’t want and add in what we do. Scientists believe CRISPR will revolutionize medicine, cure most diseases and eventually allow us to create a genetically modified human. There is a ton of really technical scientific data available on the topic and an amazing podcast available on RadioLab if you really want to go deep. This video is only 90 seconds and explains CRISPR in layman terms.

A podcast worth listening to – “Fasting, Ketosis and the end of Cancer”

This podcast forever changed they way we think about food. After listing to Dominic D’Agustino, we both couldn’t wait to buy exogenous ketones and jump into ketosis to see if this guy was for real. He is likely the foremost researcher in the country, if not the world, on nutritional ketosis. His research proves the many health benefits of living in ketosis including building strategies to fight diabetes and cancer. We are both enthusiastic fans of ketosis and Dr. Dom.

An item we love – FitBit Blaze
Not only does this device track your daily steps, it has an altimeter that tracks the number of floors you climb in a day and the number of calories you burn. It connects to your phone so you can get text messages and see incoming calls, but the most informative feature is the sleep monitoring. It monitors your movement and heart rate while you sleep giving you the total number of hours you actually slept. This feature alone makes it’s a worth while purchase.

Quote worth pondering
“Those who look outward dream, those who look inward awaken.” – Carl Jung


Quote worth pondering- “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves and the world around us.” – Socrates

Something worth reading – Alzheimer’s patients see reversal of memory loss

Yes, reversal of memory loss. Think about that.

Living here in Novato most of us have no idea what goes on in the giant building up on the hill. The building we are referring to is the Buck Center. It is an internationally recognized research center doing some life changing research on aging.

There are a lot of researchers who believe that Alzheimer’s is simply Diabetes of the brain and this research supports that theory. While the test group was small,  9 out of 10 people had significant improvements in cognitive ability by simply exercising, changing their diet, improving sleep, stimulating the brain and taking vitamins and supplements.

Something worth reading – “The Tail End” 

In this short but thought provoking article, the author considers not how many days he has left to live but how many times he will do the things he enjoys and how many in person days he has left with the people he loves.

How many actual days do you have left with your parents ? Your kids? Do the math and it’s likely less than you think. Don’t let that get you down. The idea is………….everyday is a blessing. Make time to do the things you love and spend time with the people you love. This article helped us both reprioritize these commitments.

Something funny worth watching – “Text message confusion”

WARNING! Do not watch if you are offended by profanity.

Speed and ease of communication comes with many costs. Watch this comedic interpretation and see if you can relate, even if slightly. Another oldie, but goodie. Don’t forget the profanity!

This might be something worth trying – Dry Farm Wines
Believe it or not, the wines sold by this company have no added sugar, thus no statistically significant added carbs. Perhaps even more important, Dry Farm wines feature far fewer chemicals often masked in many wines. Full disclosure we have not yet tried them yet, but some very reputable people like Mark Sisson (Mark’s Daily Apple) and Robb Wolff have publicly offered their support.  If you drink wine, check it out and let us know what you think.


Happy Summer 2016!! Fewer topics this week because we want you to pay attention to ONE that continues to improve our lives, big time!

Something worth doing – Headspace
If you listen to the Tim Ferriss show, you know that he talks about over 80% of the people he interviews (world-class subjects in their respective field) practice some form of daily mindfulness or meditation. We are believers.
The benefit behind a meditation practice is really quite simple. The mind is like a muscle. It takes conditioning. With consistency and practice, people experience increased awareness, peace of mind and generally feeling less stressed. We know that our mind is closely connected to our physiology, so why wouldn’t we make the investment?

If you want an easy way to give it a try, please check out the Headspace app. It’s the most widely used meditation app (we both started using Headspace) because it’s simple guided meditations are only ten minutes long and the foundations programs are free.

Something worth watching – is it possible to “Take a fall and win the race”?

This is an oldie, but super goodie. At the 2008 Big 10 Track Championships, Heather Dorniden fell down on the final lap…..we won’t spoil the finish.